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Cavalla photo imaging takes your original photo, ideas, designs, and logos, and computer generates an array of products for you and your family. Imagine your favorite antique car or bike on a t-shirt. Realtors, the house your just sold on a mug, and give it to the new owner. Bowling groups, your league name on a button. Do you follow a local singing group or are a member of a band? How about promoting that group with your personal t-shirt or cap. Plates are great for remembering 50th anniversaries, weddings, and family gatherings. Memorialize your horse, dog or cat's picture on a plate. Advertise your stable, kennel or breed on a grooming apron. A great gift, your child's picture on a mug for their grandparents. Looking for a place to put your sewing? How about a tote bag. Don't forget gifts for awards, shows and banquets.

Cavalla Photo Imaging Specializes in COLOR
t-shirts, tote bags,caps and aprons made possible by a new special process

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